QUEEN - JAZZ / 1978


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EMI Electrola / LP, Album, Gatefold / Germany /Rock / Deska 3 / Obal 3

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A1 Mustapha  
A2 Fat Bottomed Girls  
A3 Jealousy  
A4 Bicycle Race  
A5 If You Can't Beat 'Em  
A6 Let Me Entertain You  
B1 Dead On Time  
B2 In Only Seven Days  
B3 Dreamers Ball  
B4 Fun It  
B5 Leaving Home Ain't Easy  
B6 Don't Stop Me Now  
B7 More Of That Jazz  



Gatefold Sleeve:
Album written and recorded July/October 1978, in Montreux, Switzerland and Nice, France.

Our thanks to all the staff of Mountain and Super Bear Studios, especially John Etchells for additional engineering, David Palmer, Patrick Jauneud, Aline Jaccottet, Martin Pearson, André Jauchat for invaluable assistance.

With thanks to Jim Beach, Gerry Stickells, Pete Brown, Paul Prenter, John Harris, Peter Hince, Chris Taylor, Richie Anderson, Brian Spencer, Paul Korzilius, Dane Clark, Janice Heilburn, Barbara Szabo, Amanda Bloom, Tommy Stead.
Also thanks to Howard Rose, Steve Smith, Harvey Goldsmith, Sarah Harrison, James Kahleff, Joe Travato, Chris Lamb and Mike Roth.

Mastered at Sterling Sound.
Bicycles supplied by Halfords.
Thunderbolt courtesy of God.
This album is dedicated to John Harris.

EMI Electrola GMBH
Printed in Germany by 4P NICOLAUS GMBH, Köln

Queen - Bicycle Race

Queen - Don't Stop Me Now

Queen - Mustapha


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